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You like to gamble? You have the ability to do it without breaking the laws of the country in which you reside? In this case, the portal Casinoz will be a source of valuable information on any matters connected with a casino, bookmaker betting, sports poker and Forex.

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We will not push to visit the homes of excitement. The website works for those who made a choice in favor of entertainment of this kind. Our goal is to provide accurate and unbiased information about gambling. We hope you realize the risks associated with the game for money, and do not take illegal actions.
Reviews of Internet establishments offered in the special section provide honest and unbiased information about several hundred institutions working in the world wide web. Despite the fact that our website is working indirectly with some projects, we are not dependent on any of them. This gives us the opportunity to speak only the truth, not deceiving the readers, which distinguishes us from the hundreds of other resources, writing about online casinos and brick and mortar establishments.
We also offer reviews of many online games and are usually the first in Runet consider new models, offered by leading software manufacturers. We give you the opportunity to test games right on our site, but only in a training mode designed to familiarize you with them. Play by the real bets on our portal it is impossible.
On our portal you will find a huge number of thematic articles on various interesting topics pertaining to gambling.You are waiting for interesting and useful publication, which describes literally all gambling, the best institutions in the world, the most famous high rollers, the legendary speculators, the biggest bigwigs of the gambling software for players, jackpots, lotteries and many other.
In the articles and reviews we try to expose scams, offering worthless betting systems, computer programs and stuff, which helps to get rich just selling it to speculators. It happened that we were threatened with all sorts of consequences, but to intimidate us, no one has.
A lot of attention on the pages of social networks Moreover to prevention of gambling addiction. We show you how to prevent it from developing, how to recognize the first signs depending on the game, and where to go in case you are not able to deal with ludomania yourself. On the website you will find not only tips and advice, but also contact information specialists who are professionally concerned with this issue.
We are also considering various strategies developed for the main varieties of blackjack, video poker and other gambling games. This information is invaluable for those who wish to improve their level and more likely to achieve positive results.
Bonus-hunting, hacking of slot machines and other techniques that are considered to be in the casino is fraudulent, has been discussed superficially, with the purpose of providing General information about them. We do not support players who resort to such methods, and, accordingly, does not tell readers how to use them in practice.
On the other hand, we thoroughly explain how to choose a honest and secure online casino, how to register, what games provide the most preferred rule whether to take bonuses is it worth it to participate in tournaments, who will complain about cheating by the online institution, and so on.
The portal Casinoz.IU contributes to the solution of the problems players have with the management of the institution. With unconcealed joy and pleasure can boast that we have been able to help not one client turned to us for help.
Reviews, bonuses, tournaments, and online institutions, regularly published on our website will enable you to choose the best deals. We’ll show you how to use them to best advantage. Keep in mind that some bonuses available only to readers of our portal.
In addition, our website includes a news section and blogs of users, in which anyone can share with the world any information relevant to the subject site.
We respect the legislation of all countries whose citizens use materials of our portal, but we can’t restrict their access Casinos and, especially, to see how they use this information.
Discarding unnecessary pathos, finally, we should add, we don’t do for you, our dear readers, we do not sell you anything, we do not persuade you to become a customer of excitement. Communication with us will not cost you anything and will only bring various benefits, you can be sure, if you regularly visit social network for players Casinoz.

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